South Norwood Community Festival (finished)

As always, the Far Isles Medieval Society have been present at the annual South Norwood Community Festival.

Even though the morning has greeted us with heavy rain, both the skies and the moods soon cleared and we were ready to unleash rage and bloodshed. The main event of the day was the tournament, which has seen some classic one-on-one fights as well as free-for-all melée. Master Hafoc has been crowned the champion but it was the young Charles that has stolen the hearts of the public - his slayer, Magnus, has been 'booed' off the field.
As previously, the 'pavilion' housed the dragon raffle and medieval game of dice. Many sweets and dragon plushies changed hands!
Overall, I think the festival was a success. We have drawn a lot of positive comments ad plenty of people enjoyed our show.

There is some more information about the festival on the official website, feel free to sneak a peek there as well.

And now some beautiful and remarkably lifelike 'magic paintings' from the show, as taken by the most talented Asta:

A skirmish

A Dane with his Dane Axe

A viking raider itching for a fight

High middle ages contestant faces a fierce dark ages warrior

One of our youngest competitors in his lamellar armour

Chirurgeon fights again

And now back to the melée:

Collection of arms and armour on display