Twelfth Night Revel 2015 (finished)

This Great Revel has taken place during the weekend of 13th - 15th February 2015, at the picturesque Letton Hall in Norfolk.

Even though the weather did not surprise, the atmosphere was, as always, warm and welcoming. As people slipped into their garb, the change was complete, the past grievances - all but forgotten. Friday evening was the time for renewing friendships and quiet talks by the fire.

The Saturday morning has seen a variety of activities taking place, culminating in the Arts & Crafts (including paint-your-own-candle) hour and followed by the crafts contest.

The Fighters Guild has held a short (and very much one-sided) Household Tournament, where the young Prince bested two of the most experienced fighters and went to become the Champion of The Isles.

As usual, the Society gathered around the fire in the library to discuss philosophy - 'the comedy' being the subject - and as usual we were left without a clear answer, but an order of magnitude richer in experience and, as we like to think, a drop wiser than before.
Our beloved Queen Cerys has held the court, where many small and big favors were bestowed upon the populace, where the unworthy scoundrels groveled, asked and were given pardon for their horrible offences against Her Majesty and where new ranks and titles were presented to the selected few.
The three day event culminated in Saturday's evening feast, where food was abundant and drinks heartwarming. Performances from a talented harpist, no less talented singer and witty storytellers have enriched the evening (and helped with digestion).
The feast was followed by dancing, casual gaming and a hearty dose of mediæval riddle solving.

After a good night's sleep, breakfast and short Open Council meeting, the time has come for us to clean up, roll our banners and say our goodbyes.
Until next time.