The Guild of Lacemakers

Guildmaster: tbc

One evening, several years ago, Lady Jane was sitting finishing her supper at St. Michael’s Tithe Barn in Basingstoke, when she was approached by a certain Rædwulf. He had noticed that she was interested in handicrafts and wondered whether she had ever tried her hand at the bobbin lace that his mother made. Shortly thereafter his mother became a frequent visitor to Jane’s hall, taught her bobbin lace, and accompanied her to several lace-making events with ladies of Essex (who are very talented – don’t believe what people say!). So thanks to Rædwulf we now have a Lacemakers’ Guild, the only Guild, in fact, ever to have produced an entire copy of Far Horizons.

Rules of Advancement

Any member of the Society who declares an interest in lacemaking shall be deemed a member of the Guild.

A member should complete a length of lace at least ½” wide and at least 36” long, suitable for decorating the edges of a pair of sleeves. Techniques for finishing off & joining neatly should be shown. The member must also compose an essay, of 500 words minimum, on some aspect of lacemaking.

An apprentice should complete a collar (falling band) at 1½” wide, either composed entirely of lace, or as an edging to a cloth collar. The collar should demonstrate the ability to turn a corner, rather than gathering in to fit. The apprentice must also compose an essay of at least 750 words.

A Journeyman must complete a large item, such as a veil, shawl, or similar master-piece, to be agreed with the Guildmaster. The Journeyman must also compose an essay of at least 1000 words.
Any style of lacemaking appropriate to the period will be accepted.