The Guild of Knitters

Guildmistress: Duchessa Alessandra Melusine

Rules of Advancement

Someone with an interest in knitting (and similar skills) who has written to the Guildmistress requesting membership to the Guild of Knitters and details thereof.

Must be able to cast on and off, and demonstrate plain and purl stitches, also stocking stitch and simple ribbing.


  • Produce a simple garment demonstrating shaping (using increasing and decreasing).
  • Produce sample of ONE of lace knitting, Fair Isles, cables or other textured stitches.

Badge of Rank: A thin knitted bar, background being red with a single gold needle along its centre.

  • Produce a garment or other item showing complex patterning and shaping, e.g. socks or gloves.
  • Produce samples of lace, multi-coloured knitting, cables and textured stitches.
  • To write an article about a knitted item, from the Society's period, which can be viewed by the public. The article is to include the history of the item and a pattern (if known), and details of where to go and see it.