The Guild of Incendiaries

Guildmistress: Duchessa Alessandra Melusine

The Rules of the Guild

  1. The Guild shall be known as the Guild of Incendiaries.
  2. The Guild shall be open to any applicant who expresses an interest in making light and The Master of the Guild shall be elected by all members who hold the rank of Journeyman or Master.
  3. Elections for the post of Guild Master shall be held annually on the anniversary of the formation of the Guild.
  4. There shall be four ranks within the Guild; Apprentice, Journeyman, Master and Grandmaster
  5. Progression within the Guild shall be determined by the submission of test pieces according to the requirements set by the Guild Master.
  6. Judging of test pieces submitted for consideration shall be made by the Guild Master.
  7. Notwithstanding rule No.6, any members may appeal to other Masters in the Guild for advice and comment on any judgement made by the Guild Master if he/she is dissatisfied with the judgement of the Guild Master. Likewise any member may appeal to the Head of the Far Isles on such matter for further advice and/or judgement.
  8. Guild members of the rank of Journeyman or Master may accept commissions. Those holding the rank of Apprentice should consult the Guild Master before accepting commissions.
  9. Guild members may be asked to perform work for the Guild and shall be able to claim expenses for their materials used for such work.
  10. Guildmembers must be continuous members of the Society. If their membership lapses they may reclaim their rank on receipt of a written article of at least 500 words for Journeyman and 1000 words for Master.

Rules of Advancement


Someone with an interest in Incendiaries (and similar skills) who has written to the Guildmistress requesting apprenticeship in the Guild of Incendiaries and details thereof.


Complete any two categories from the list below.


Badge of Rank: Small red bomb with a streak of gold lightning across it

Complete any six categories (including the two made for journeyman) from the list below, one of which must be the essay.

Grand Master

Badge of Rank: Small blue bomb with a streak of silver (white) lightning across it.

Complete all eleven categories from the list below.


  1. Make at least one rushlight.
  2. Make a tallow candle.
  3. Make at least six (wax) tapers (half of which are to be given to the Guildmaster/mistress for use at Society events).
  4. Make a pair of candles (e.g. from paraffin wax & sterin, beeswax, etc.)
  5. Make a pair of candles using a different method to the pair in (4)
  6. Make two cones (or some other shape) of incense.
  7. Lay, light and maintain a fire for a minimum period of time, e.g. all morning, afternoon or evening. (Weekend events at places such as St. Briavels are good for this.)
  8. On an open fire, cook a meal in a period manner, e.g. using a cauldron, spits and griddles.
  9. Make a scented oil for burning indoors.
  10. Make fuel that would have been obtainable during the Society's period for burning in stands outdoors.
  11. Write an essay (500 words minimum) on a subject relating to aspects covered by the Guild, e.g. the development of the lacemakers light or the development of gunpowder during the Society's period.