The Fighters

High Marshall: Nathaniel Goodchild (temporarily)

The School of Fighters exists to promote knowledge and develop skills pertaining to armed and un-armed medieval combat. We are not part of the HEMA and do not pursue the medieval martial arts (such as what is colloquially known as, "I.33") to the full extent. We are instead focused on safe implementation of all aspects of combat, so that they may become all things to all men. Ranging from theatrical combat (with a streak of competitiveness), ideal for shows, to the full-contact fights between fully armoured warriors, the systems that we have developed are a safe and exciting opportunity for everyone to bash another person on the head with a great axe (should you wish so).

More information about the fight practice can be found here. You will find the rules of advancement and other information about the schools and the corps of archers on the pages linked below.