The Guild of Crotchetworkers (A Branch of the Guild of Knitters)

Guildmistress: Helga Badgerslayer


  1. This branch of the Guild of Knitters shall consist of those persons who wish to learn or develop their abilities in the art of Crochet.
  2. All Guild members should strive to increase their knowledge of crochet work for the production of useful or decorative items.
  3. Guild members should encourage the development of the art of Crochetwork. It is anticipated that Guild members will produce work which demonstrates the skill and dexterity of the subject.

Rules of Advancement


Someone with an interest in Crochet who has written to the Branch mistress requesting membership and details of advancement.


  1. Produce two identical samples or pieces of work demonstrating the use of some basic stitches e.g. chain, double crochet, treble crochet, these items do not require crochetwork to be the main construction of the item.
  2. Produce a 6 inch square of crochet using a stitch of greater length than double crochet AND a 6 inch diameter circle of crochet using the same stitch, explain to the Branch mistress the technical differences between the two.


  1. Produce a garment or other useful article which demonstrates an ability to use shaping (increasing or decreasing).
  2. Produce a sample of at least 6 inches by 6 inches of two of the following: lace crochet, shell stitch, double double crochet, multicoloured crochet (if the member has worked through the ranks of junior members this item may be omitted), a granny square, textured crochet (e.g. afghan).
  3. Write an essay of at least 500 words on either an item of crochet from a period in history (with illustrations if possible), a particular pattern or style of crochet, or the history of Crochet.


  1. Adapt an existing pattern for a simple garment or useful item. Make the item from the adapted pattern and provide details to the Branch mistress.
  2. Produce a piece of work acceptable to the Branch mistress as a Masterpiece.
  3. Produce a sample of at least 6 inches by 6 inches on those of the following not produced for Journeyman stage: lace crochet, shell stitch, double double crochet, multicoloured crochet, a granny square, textured crochet (e.g. afghan).
  4. Give one demonstration or talk on crochetwork.

Junior Members


Make a chain of at least 8 inches in length of even stitches, demonstrating how to fasten on and fasten off.


Create a square of at least 4 inches by 4 inches of double crochet and another square of the same size of treble crochet, thus demonstrating an understanding of the turning chain.


Create a 4 inch by 4 inch square of crochet with two blocks of colour, thus demonstrating an understanding and ability to introduce a new thread.