The University of Riversmeet

Rector: Cardinal Archbishop Theophilus

The University is the Society's Special Interest Group for matters of philosophical, theological, scientific and cultural import. We study and debate all the matters that would be of interest to a medieval university if not in the depth that would be required by a 'real-world' university course.

We hold an informal debate and symposium each year (usually at Foundation and Independence Revel) at which anyone can speak and anyone usually does. In the past we have debated 'What is Beauty?', 'What is the best form of government?', 'What is the nature of Heroism?', 'Which is the best of the Seven Muses?' and other weighty matters (We like to tackle the big issues first). By tradition we never seem to come to a final conclusion.

The areas of interest (Faculties) covered by the University are:

  • Speculative Philosophy: All forms of debate upon the nature of knowledge, ethical, moral and political philosophy.
  • Natural Philosophy: The sciences as they were known and practised in the medieval period.
  • Theology: The study of all religions and not just Christianity.
  • Legal Studies: The history and nature of law in the medieval period.
  • The School of Courtly Love: Study of the art and custom of Courtly Love. (Please see their seperate entry.)

Each Faculty is in theory controlled by a Dean. At the moment several positions are vacant. A knowledge of the Greek and Latin writers is useful but we do not insist upon facility with their languages.


Student is one who has indicated that they are interested in Domesday or attended a debate.

Bachelor is one who has produced a written work of a suitable length and quality to be included in Quill and Cauldron which is in an area related to the University and has been approved by the Rector and the appropriate Dean.

Master is one who has produced a longer written work on a topic approved by the Rector and Dean of the appropriate Faculty. The candidate must then defend his thesis verbally before the assembled University and have it approved by the Masters present.