The School of Heralds

Head of the School: Dolphin Principal Herald, Samuel Sanskin, Baron Bowland

The Head of the School shall be selected from the members of the school and must have the rank of full Herald. The head shall be known as the Principal Herald and shall be responsible for the general running of the school, including promoting members and providing heralds for Great Revels and various courts of the Far Isles.

The Society Officer responsible for the heralds shall be known as Falcon King of Arms. The King of Arms shall be a court of appeal for any dispute with the Principal Herald and shall also be responsible for the final ratification of all Far Isles coats and for maintaining the Far Isles Roll. The King of Arms shall also be the final arbiter on protocol and precedence.

Rules of Advancement

All requirement for ranks within the school shall be adjudged by the Principal Herald. All announcements must be witnessed by a herald or a noble.

Junior Ranks

Junior Page

A Junior Page shall be a messenger and helper for a warrior or House and must be helpful and polite. They must also display an interest in heraldry.


A page must be able to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. To name all parts of an Achievement of Arms.
  2. To name seven Ordinaries.
  3. To name all metals, tinctures and stains.
  4. To help a warrior arm for the list.
  5. To help present an item for court.
  6. To identify seven coats of active members.

Senior Page

A Senior Page must be able to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. To design a coat of Arms and have it ratified (this can be for themselves).
  2. To present a piece of poetry or prose in the presence of a herald.
  3. To display a knowledge of the Coats of Arms of the Far Isles.
  4. To write a short piece on mediaeval manners and degree.
Adult Ranks


This level is open to all those who show an interest in learning Heraldry

Pursuivant in Ordinary

  1. This rank must have decided on a heraldic name and badge and have made a basic tabard.
  2. They must have announced at two revels, including announcements at tourney.
  3. They must be able to name seven Ordinaries and all metals, tinctures, stains, furs and the parts of an Achievement.
  4. They must have had two Coats ratified by the King of Arms.


  1. They must have had an additional three coats ratified by the King of Arms.
  2. They must have been actively keeping a lesser Roll.
  3. They must have announced at a further two revels.
  4. They must have announced at a tourney( in addition to any they used for the previous rank).
  5. They must write a treatise on an aspect of heraldry, showing particular knowledge of blazoning.
  6. They should demonstrate knowledge of protocol, precedence and mediaeval manners.


  1. They should write a treatise on a further aspect of heraldry.
  2. They should make, or have made, a tabard of a suitable standard for their rank.
  3. They should write a short essay showing knowledge of protocol, and precedence.
  4. They should show a wide knowledge of the heraldry of Far Isles personae.
  5. They should announce at three Great Revels.
  6. They should announce a two further tourneys.