The Cook's Guild has always been a large and busy group, since almost everyone in the Far Isles seems to be keen on feasting and most people have a go at cooking at some time or another. As we have at least six revels every year, including long weekend revels, there is always a demand for our services. So why not come and join us? A revel is very different from the point of view of a cook (or a servitor) - the kitchen has a life of its own!

Guildmistress: Anna Thompson

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote the preparation and serving of dishes pertaining to the years encompassed by the Society.
  2. To encourage the participation of those members of the Society who wish to join the Guild, and maintain the consistently high standards of quality and variety that are the mark of a Principality Revel.
  3. To use, wherever possible, authentic ingredients, and, whenever practical, cooking methods for all dishes.
  4. To produce the Far Isles Cookbook, for the aid and further variety of feasts and events, and interest of all.
  5. It is to be hoped that all Autocrats shall be members of the Guild. If not, that an application may be made to the Guild for a licence to undertake the preparation at revels and other Society events.

Rules of advancement


Promotion from Aspirant to Apprentice shall be achieved by the presentation of three dishes. These may be presented at one, two, or three revels, according to the experience and skill of the member.


Promotion from Apprentice to Journeyman shall be achieved by the presentation of six dishes at a revel, or similar event, by agreement with the Guildmaster.


Promotion from Journeyman to Master shall be achieved by the presentation of ten dishes at a revel, the dishes to be prepared, as far as possible, in the presence of the Guildmaster and/or any Masters in the Guild.


Promotion from Master to Grandmaster shall be achieved by either the preparation of three revel Feasts completely from authentic original recipes, or work of original research into the history of cooking, to the satisfaction of the Guildmaster and Masters.

Any member who produces a vegetarian alternative as one of their dishes for judging (i.e. to be served to a limited number of people) shall produce further dishes by arrangement with the Guildmaster.

Rules of the Guild

  1. Any member of the Society who professes an interest in cooking shall be deemed to be a member of the Guild.
  2. Guild members shall conduct themselves in a seemly and courteous manner at all times.
  3. All members of the Guild are subject to the rules of the Guild.
  4. There shall be five levels of achievement in the Guild. Entry shall be as an Aspirant.
  5. Any recipes discovered or extracted by members of the Guild will be tried and tested within the Guild. If they pass, they will be used at a revel, following which final test they will be scripted for use in the Far Isles Cookbook.
  6. The Guildmaster is the voice of the Guild to the Society and Council, and shall make known any decisions, as necessary, to the same.
  7. On Guild matters, and in discussion, Apprentices and Journeymen will be heard, but may not vote. Masters in the Guild may vote, but the final decision or casting vote rests with the Guildmaster.
  8. Any member of the Guild may volunteer to Autocrat a revel and prepare dishes. It is to be remembered, though, that as a member of the Guild they are subject to scrutiny by the Masters and Guildmaster.
  9. These rules may be added to as deemed necessary by the Guildmaster in consultation, if required, with any Masters in the Guild.
  10. It is the intention of the Guild to provide a record of Revels (costs, removes, entertainment, etc), and to this end all Autocrats will be asked to provide the information. Any autocrat will then, on application to the Guild, have access to this information for ideas, costings and pitfalls to be avoided, etc.
  11. The Guild will actively encourage the use of herbs and spices for culinary purposes, with co-operation from the Guild of Herbalists, Healers and Chirurgeons.