The Guild of Autocrats

This guild exists to promote the art of organising and running revels.

Guildmistress: Queen Cerys

Rules of advancement


Organise and run a revel of any kind and any length.


Organise and run two successful events, lasting the equivalent of two evening revels e.g. a full day event and an evening revel, or a two day overnight event, or four day events.


Organise and run three successful Great Revels, which must be themed, or two overnight events, or a combination of the two.

Definition of terms

Successful Revel

One at which the great majority of people questioned considered it to be an overall success. Failure on any one point would cause the revel to be discounted unless the Autocrats rescued or dealt with the ‘disaster’ in a manner the Master of Revels considers correct / appropriate / inventive / brilliant.

Evening Revel

A revel starting in the afternoon & centred around a banquet.

Day Event

An event beginning in the morning and finishing before the evening meal.

Full Day Event

An event starting in the morning, covering lunch & a full evening banquet.

Overnight Event

Surprisingly enough, one at which the populace may stay overnight!

Themed Event

An event based around a historical happening, a persona storyline, folklore or tradition, etc, e.g. Twelfth Night or Easter. Décor, entertainment & the whole of the revel should be influenced by the theme. It is not enough just to call a normal revel an Easter one, for instance, unless, amongst other things, the Easter Bunny serves eggs at the feast!

Points judged for a successful revel


Includes forms, timetable, venue, ‘staff’, dealing with catastrophes, etc.


The general ‘feel’ of the event. This could range from the formality of a High Medieval banquet to the scummy informality of a Far Isles tavern, but must be appropriate to the event.


Quality, quantity, authenticity, service, timing, etc.


Both for and including the populace. This may be organised by the Autocrat, or may have been commissioned.