Come, Join the fight!

The Fighters meet every Friday to hone their skills.

We follow a number of training regimes from theatrical swordplay, through to casual fencing. This is a great exercise as well as stress-buster. Anyone can join and have fun, as is best demonstrated by the age range of our fighters - some are still in the Primary School while others already have their free bus passes.

Come and join us for a free trial session! Do not worry about the starting equipment - we'll lend you a basic set of arms and armour so you can jump straight in!

We have an excellent safety record with no serious accidents and very few minor ones. Most of our fighters have been trained in first aid and we usually have a paramedic (she does prefer to be called a 'chirurgeon' though) on site, for a peace of mind.

We meet Fridays at the Methodist Church Hall in Shirley, Croydon, CR0 8SD. The practice starts at about 8 pm and usually lasts for two hours.

Here's how to find us:

And here's a short video showing one of our more typical training sessions: