Mailmaker's Guide

A copy of the Mailmaker's Guide has just been put up on the website. It's found either by navigating through the Bishop Ifor's Library or just by clicking here.

On a personal note... this guide is rather precious as it has been one of the first serious mail-making guides available on the Internet. As it stands, I have used it in the early 'noughties to make my first haubergeon. This itself wouldn't be anything strange by modern standards, as people today use online guides pretty much for everything, however at the time I was living in Poland and had no affiliation with, nor have I ever heard of the Far Isles Medieval Society. When I came to the UK and got involved (quite by accident) in the Motley Wolf, I have discovered, to my utter astonishment, that the guide that I have found so useful some fifteen years back, had been prepared by one of the members.

Small world, eh?