Upper Arm Protectors

Upper Arm Protectors

A Simple Design from Paul de Gorey

The side of the shoulder joint and top of the arm are perfectly legitimate target areas in both rattan and steel fighting so why do so few people wear any armour there? Never mind, here is a nice simple design, just for you...

Figure 1
Cut plates from 18 or 16 gauge steel - dish plate 1 and bend the rest.

Leather straps - cut two.

Figure 2
You will also need a leather strap with a buckle for each arm.

Tie the top to laces on your shoulder and strap the bottom around your arm.

Figure 3

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About the Author
Paul Blackwell lives in Berkshire, England. His interests include medieval armour, cooking and dancing.
Lord Paul de Gorey is a 14th century soldier of fortune who has fought his way across much of France and the Holy Land. He was born in Gorey on the Island of Jersey. He is a member of the Order of the Golden Apple and was formerly Guildmaster of Armourers before emigrating from the Far Isles.

This article originally appeared in Far Horizons, Volume 6, Number 1, (Spring 1993).