The Freemark

A small but fiercely independent group of likeminded free peoples and the home for those who wish to strike out on their own. Dubbed as 'anarchy' by envious outlanders, the Mark employs a unique form of self-government and is fully answerable to the ruling monarch alone. One of the mottos accompanying the group is 'Free Mark for Free Men'... but, since the slavery is outlawed in the lands governed by the group, it is nigh impossible to establish the price for a Man in the Mark.
Geographically, the FreeMark occupies a swathe of land somewhere in the middle of the Far Isles and encompasses the small village of Oakstead. There were attempts in the past to expand the borders at expense of the Danes, but the exotic army employed at the time by the Warden was not entirely successful.

Warden of the Freemark:
Samuel Sanskin, Baron Bowland

Abdul the Blacksmith
Hiw the Peasant
Richard Kendrick
Alice of Northbury
Andrew Lyng
Jennet of Neresbury
...and last, but not least: Far-Bjorn, also known as The Bear.