The Province of Grimwood

Grimwood, or the GRIM as we are more commonly known, started life in a pub as a band of outlaws and has now progressed to a civilised version of the debatable lands. We are based on the premise that portraying the lower echelons of medieval life is fun and its what you do that is important not what you call yourself! The Grim, being the western part of the Far Isles, specialise in research, crafting, cooking, tourneying, massed lunacy and having a good time.

The cultured and refined part of Grimwood!
An oasis of calm centred around Camberley; a font of knowledge on Heraldry, clothing and storytelling. Most certainly NOT, as is sometimes rumoured (by various ill mannered louts who are likely to die soon anyway), the hiding place for a band of robbers...

The Grimwood comprises the Blackwater, Grimbourne and the Stoke Manor.


Ifor of Gwent
Theophilus - Master Secretary of The Far Isles
Master Adam of Edwardstow
Mistress Sigrid från Lärbro
Quenild of Lesnes
Walter of Langetun