Great May Revel (finished)

The May Revel - also dubbed the Games Revel - had been organized by the Head of the Gamesplayers Guild to fall on Saturday, the 7th of May. The venue used was the White Hart Barn in Godstone. There was much rejoicing and plenty of good cheer. True to the name - and to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Far Isles - it was full to the brim with players. The Guild has provided a wide selection of casual tabletop games from the past, including the immortal chess and tafl. Her Majesty, the Queen Cerys, has gracefully presided over the merrymaking. A little 'scandal' has surfaced, involving coronets, crowns and crowned heads... this however never spoiled the mood. There was plenty of food and refreshments to last the entire evening.



Start time

We've booked the hall from 12.00, so don't turn up too early.

Sheriff of the Shire of Blackwater


If you want to come, please email me using the address in the Domesday Booke, so we know how many to expect.

Sheriff of the Shire of Blackwater