(9th - 10th July) Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival is a high profile event for reenactors from UK and other countries. It took place on 8th, 9th and 10th of July.

What? "The Europe's Biggest and best Free Medieval Festival" - Tewkesbury is an annual festival done by the reenactors for the reenactors. It's free admission for the public as well. More details on the show itself can be found on the official website, here: www.tewkesburymedievalfestival.org The Far Isles made presence alongside the Grey Goose Wing.

Where? Tewkesbury. You can't miss it.

When? As always it was held on the second full weekend of July which in 2016 means 9th and 10th with the campsite opening on Friday the 8th. The event started at around 11 am and finished around 5 pm.

Photo Copyright - Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Ltd.