Midsummer Revel at Ringsfield (Finished)

The Midsummer Revel took place on 3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2016 at the scenic Ringsfield Eco Centre.

The revel has been dedicated to Arts & Sciences as part of ongoing 40th Anniversary of the Society. Workshops were held throughout and the populace jumped straight in on Friday afternoon.

Beadworking, knitting and crocheting (crochet sewing) workshops were running practically all the time, people devoting their time as and when the schedule allowed. There were several sessions of the herbalist workshop, concentrating on mixtures and preparations suitable for outdoor camping, such as dry shampoo and foot powder.

Those with more artistic mind took part in the lino printing workshop - a bit messy but producing interesting results - and parchment crafting, which required steady hand and precision but resulted in some stunning works. There was a cooking workshop held, but since the kitchen has been off limits to all but a handful, your reporter has no further information about this event.

For those more martially orientated there was a maille making session available, but - since producing mail armour takes enormous amount of time - it ended in only small patches of armour and plenty of maille jewellery being made. Leatherwork on the other hand has been a very successful workshop, which initially was geared towards creating archery equipment such as finger tabs, bracers and gloves but ended in doing all kinds of leather goods including knife sheaths and the like.


Saturday afternoon was used to hold an archery training - a 'have a go' session - and a contest, comprising a full Portsmouth round shot at twenty yards. The Head of the Corps of Archers reported he is delighted with the results and awarded several white belts. There was also an unofficial hay bale building 'contest', resulting in replica of mediaeval castle and a 'Strawhenge' being completed and subsequently destroyed by roving band(s) of stick-armed small peoples. There were no awards for this one though - shamefully.

Sunday morning allowed us to complete any unfinished tasks and jobs and write out the certificates for guildmembers advancing in their ranks. Those were awarded at the Arts & Sciences Court, held by the Mistress of Arts & Sciences. There were many new apprenticeships and two - long overdue - mastery badges. The two-fold arts contest has been resolved at the same time as well, with several prizes being awarded.


The revel has been a succesful event. As usual, greatest thanks go to our beloved Head of Cooks for all the work done feeding us (and believe me, some meals were delicious!) and for the Autocrats who worked tirelessly behind the scenes so that everything could go smoothly!

Have-a-Go Archery at Ringsfield.