Twelfth Night Revel 2016 (finished)

This year's 12th Night Great Revel has taken place. The Far Isles members (and other mediaevalists) congregated at Bletchingley Village Hall, on Saturday the 30th of January, Anno Domini 2016. The Autocrats have done what they could to make the revel a great one - and they have succeeded! There were games, music, entertainment and - of course - food!
The first major event of the day was the Fur Isles race, which has seen some fierce competition and resulted in more than one person getting entangled in the string. Unsurprisingly a nimble cat had won the accolade.
A serious game!
While others talked, laughed and played board games, the University debate gathered together few like minded individuals, to discuss the subject of 'insults'. As tradition dictates, there was no single conclusion.
The University Debate begins.
There are insults and there are INSULTS
The court held by Her Majesty Queen Cerys was splendid, as always. The Queen and the Nobles exchanged gifts (sadly, none for the populace - but we could bask in the glory for free). New fighters were belted and recognized and the young Prince Kai had received his first steel weapon upon reaching appropriate age. The Guild of Alchemists petitioned the Queen with some obscure requests, which none of us actually understood - the good Archbishop seemed to be against the entire idea and suggested a deserted hilltop in a remote, uninhabited location as the perfect locum for the new Guild. There was much rejoicing.
In preparation for the feast
It has been officialy announced that, as this is the last year of our beloved Queen's reign, two candidates have declared their interest in running for the crown. This officially starts the election campaign. We are all eagerly awaiting to be showered with gifts.
Next was the feast. The food was exceptional - several removes coupled with excellent draughts have left everyone full and happy. Thanks should go to the cooks and servitors, who made all of it possible.
In the meantime a famed insult competition was held but sadly no one really stood up to the reigning champion...
A performer making sure his instrument is in tune
Lady Violet has won the Gorsedd with her angelic singing, but other entertainers have done very well with their stories, poetry and instrumental music.
The feast ended with a toast and the time had come to say farewell and go back to our boring mundane lives...

12th Night Revel - a pair of goblets