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The Farisles Medieval Society is a reenactment group for people from all walks of life, who share an interest in the Middle Ages (600 - 1605AD).
Since 1976 the Far Isles has, through revels, tournaments and workshops, encouraged learning and experience of medieval living. Members take on a 'Persona' for many of these events, such as nobles, peasants, soldiers or clergy from any country.
The Far Isles has a large presence in the South East of England, but there are members spread through the United Kingdom and beyond.
To learn more about us, please use one of the links provided in the menu which should be on the left for 'desktop' users and at the bottom of the page for those using their mobiles. To see current and past events please see our Calendarium.

New Addington Carnival (finished)

The Far Isles Medieval Society and the School of Motley Wolf has taken part in this years' New Addington Peoples' Carnival, which took place on the 13th and 14th of June 2015 in Milne Park Playing Field, CR0 0BB, New Addington.
Even though the weather scared off most of the crowd (especially on Sunday) the display on its own has drawn ample amount of attention. We might have been small in numbers but our skilled chirurgeons kept the fighters going.


Magna Carta Festival 2015 (finished)

Official Odiham Magna Carta Village Festival leaflet

The Event to commemorate the 800th anniversary of signing of the Magna Carta has taken place at the Odiham Castle on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May 2015. The Far Isles Reenactment Society had been invited to participate, and we have made a lasting impression.
The event comprised Living History shows (such as falconry, cooking etc.), archery range, a themed parade through the streets of Odiham and of course plenty of combat displays.


Back quivers - historical or histerical?

Lately, a speed-archer going by the name Lars Andersen has published a video. Apart from showcasing his impressive skills, he also dismisses the notion that an archer, especially speed archer would carry a quiver on his back, as it interferes with known techniques for speed draw.
This renders the detail of the Bayeux tapestry ultimately wrong:

Detail of Bayeux Tapestry showing archers.


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