Useful links

You will find links to other webpages, that we think you might find useful. You might also find links to pages that belong to people associated with The Far Isles or other medieval reenactment groups.

Also known as The Original Reenactors Market. Held several times a year, it offers a perfect opportunity to stock up on gear, place orders with artisans and craftsmen and meet other like-minded individuals.

Small Holders Show
This is a small, independent, family run show - where the Far Isles regularly showcases thanks to the Grey Goose Wing archery. The show is organized annually in Ardingly.

Rudgwick Steam & Country Show
The Steam Show is always about the Best of British and involves vintage machines, fun fair rides, craft marquee, food market and many other attractions. An annual event.

Cowleys Fine Foods
Martin & Suzie sometimes accompany our friends & us during events and displays. They offer healthy snacks with a historical twist - suitable both for beef-eaters and vegetarians.

Barefoot Leather
British leatherworking is alive and well. Indeed - Ray Hatley is offering high quality leather goods for traditional and modern use. Highly recommended.

Battle Merchant
An affordable and off-the-shelf solution to start the journey into re-enactment. While most people move away from this Germany-based supplier when their skills and contacts expand, this is a perfect place to get your 'first soft kit' up and ready.

Advertised as Czech Pagan Shop, this supplier provides varied and durable steel weapons for combat displays. While Armour Class and Heron Armoury are higher quality, Wulflund does the same job for a fraction of the price.