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The Farisles Medieval Society is a reenactment group for people from all walks of life, who share an interest in the Middle Ages (600 - 1605AD).
Since 1976 the Far Isles has, through revels, tournaments and workshops, encouraged learning and experience of medieval living. Members take on a 'Persona' for many of these events, such as nobles, peasants, soldiers or clergy from any country.
The Far Isles has a large presence in the South East of England, but there are members spread through the United Kingdom and beyond.
To learn more about us, please use one of the links provided in the menu which should be on the left for 'desktop' users and at the bottom of the page for those using their mobiles. To see current and past events please see our Calendarium.

Far Isles Coronation

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26th, 27th and 28TH May 2017

This event will take place from Friday night to Sunday on a Bank Holiday Weekend to enable attendees to stay in persona until mid-afternoon on the Sunday.

 The Coronation will take place on Sunday morning leaving Saturday free for celebrations including a Tournament, a ‘Royal Hunt’, an archery contest, and more.

Come, Join the fight!

Ever thought of having a swordfight in the 'Game of Thrones' style?
Have nothing to do on a Friday night?
...or, perhaps, you're used to chasing elven archers off the field, 'For the Horde'?
We have games. We have swords. We might even have a throne somewhere. We have archers. Some of us do resemble orks (especially after two days of doing combat display!). And we meet Friday nights.
What more do you want?

Twelfth Night Revel 2016 (finished)

12th Night Revel - a pair of goblets

This year's 12th Night Great Revel has taken place. The Far Isles members (and other mediaevalists) congregated at Bletchingley Village Hall, on Saturday the 30th of January, Anno Domini 2016. The Autocrats have done what they could to make the revel a great one - and they have succeeded! There were games, music, entertainment and - of course - food!


Norman Awareness Month

It is here!
October is now (un)officially a Norman Awareness Month!
Please remain vigilant and be on a constant lookout for any suspicious signs of Norman invasion.
P.S. Even though the event has been described by the hostee (the Society for Creative Anachronism) as 'a satire' I would not trust their motives. Normans might lurk around the corner and all it takes is one arrow (to the knee).


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